Google Flights Alerts

Google Flights Alerts help you in your flight ticket booking decision. With the help of this service, you can keep yourself updated with the constantly changing airfare for all the flights. You will also be notified regarding the drop in the flight tickets prices. This email alert is directly associated with your previous searches. If you are someone who is not having any fixed date to start your journey then Google Flights Alerts is for you. You will be able to book flight tickets at cheaper prices.

How To Get Started With The Google Flights Alerts?
To be able to use the Google Flights Alerts service, you are needed to enter a few details beforehand. Below are the attributes which are required.

Enter The Basic Travel Details
Your basic travel details include your source location, destination, number of passengers, travel dates (date of travel and return date). After entering all the details, click on the ‘Track Prices’ button. You can locate this button just above the flight search results.

Note: To get the email alerts, you need to sign in with your Google account on the official website of the Google Flights.

Attractive Features of Google Flights Alerts
There are a few additional but important features offered by Google Flights Alerts. Here, you can take a look at those features.

* View All’ Button
This button gives you the freedom of tracking all the previously tracked flights. Along with that, you will also be able to look at all the fights that you have marked as ‘track the flight’.

* Regarding The Flights You Are Tracking
The alert system will send you the notification either when there is a fluctuation in the airfare or when there is a prediction of the fluctuation. You can also view this airfare fluctuation on the Google’s line chart.

* Email Notification
You will be notified by email if there is a decrease in the prices of your tracking flights. To opt for this service, click on the ‘Manage Price Tracking’ and to opt out select the option of ‘Unsubscribe from Emails’.

* Tracking of Price Trends
This service works in the real-time environment. It will notify you of the current airfare fluctuation. It is the best of services that can help you to plan your itinerary and save money at the same time.

* Works Efficiently with Flexible Travel Dates
Now, if you are someone who has not decided your entire traveling schedule then you can surely opt for the option of ‘flexible dates’. By opting for this service, you will be notified regarding all the airfare fluctuations based on your earlier searches.

* Tips and Tricks
The Google Flights Alerts keep you handy with its various tips and tricks. For an instance, according to one of its suggestions, you can check out all the possible nearby airports to which you can set as an arrival airport. The airfare usually changes if you change the arrival airport. So, this service of Google Flights Alerts keeps you updated with such tips and tricks.